Advice For Daily Living

Daily living is a fundamental state that requires basic caring for oneself on a daily basis and is a term known as ADL, often used by healthcare professionals.  The essentials for our daily living is walking, showering, dressing, eating, grooming, personal hygiene and toileting in which requires mobility.  There are people able to perform daily activities and then others such as the elderly, disabled and sick whom are unable to perform the utmost simplest task.  Depending upon your needs, is how you’re going to implement the ADLs.

Living With Mobility

Mobility is the ability to move freely or be easily moved.  Mobility is often taken for granted.  Think of how you’re able to move around  freely and achieve all of your daily tasks.  Daily tasks can become monotonous, mundane and at times strenuous.  However, as long as you’re able to carry through with them, it enables you to live independently, without complexity.

Immobilized Living

Being immobilized prevents a person from moving or operating as normal.  Life becomes restricted from performing daily tasks.  ADLs become much more difficult.  Basic activities become limitless and therefore decreases the chances of being independent.  It changes all self care, routines, activities and performance that are necessary for the ADLs.  If walking, transferring in and out of bed, chair or car, personal hygiene, dressing and feeding becomes difficult, then help is required.


Being able to perform the basic ADLs allows oneself to be independent.  It’s nice to be self sufficient and being able to get out of bed,  clean, dress, feed, drive etc. and complete all of your daily tasks.  A gift never to be taken for granted.

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