Beautiful Hands & Nails

Hands are delicate, do a lot work and have a multitude of functions. Without them we would become handicapped. Think of all the things you do that requires your hand.

The hand is composed of many different bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and sheaths. The hands allow for a large amount of movement and dexterity. As we get older, they can become weaker and have less flexibility. Some hand problems can be a sign of certain health issues. Eventually it becomes harder to do everyday tasks. Some health issues are caused by brittle bones, arthritis, and muscle loss. If the issue of flexibility and weakness occur suddenly, that may be a sign of more serious problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure. Also, as your skin ages and wrinkles, it makes it harder to absorb the moisture and that can lead to dry, flaky, itchy skin.

So lend your hands a hand. Take care of them and know to look for harder to do everyday tasks so that you may be aware of any health issues that may arise.

The nail anatomy is broken down to components. I’m not going to get into the components because this is more about the functions, growth rate and conditions of the nails. Nails have usages such as scratching surfaces, pick up and holds small objects, etc. Nail growth is affected by age, gender, disease and temperature. Hot and cold temperatures impact the growth of nails. Heat has a positive effect on the growth of nails and cold has a negative effect on their growth. In a warm climate, your body produces more oil and that enables healthy growth. Males nails do grow at a more rapid pace then females. Diseases are also known to hinder nail growth. Nail disorders consist of problem areas that occur such as nail plate disorders and nail bed disorders. Any nail disorder should be checked by a dermatologist so that it can be resolved by some form of treatment, if possible. Some conditions maybe an underlying cause of condition that your nails are in.

Tips For Your Hands & Nails


1. Wash your hands and keep them clean at all time.

2. Cream your hands 3-4 x a day especially after washing and exposure to cold climates and sun.

3. Use paraben free hand creams and soaps.

4. Get a parrafin wax treatment.

5. Use physical methods to strengthen hands such as metal hand grip, hand grip handle ball, finger stretcher, etc.

6. Get hand massages.

7. Protect hands with gloves in cold climates.

8. Use natural remedies.

9. Avoid excessive sun exposure.


1. Find a reputable nail technician.

2. Choose the service procedure applied to your nails. Examples: A) Acrylic, B) Gel, C) Powder & Glue. Understand that they may cause allergic reactions and nails to become brittle. Maintenance is 2-3 weeks.

3. Choose a nail shape fit for you.

4. Never pull on hang nails. It can be liable for infections.

5 .Push back the cuticles and only remove if excess. The cuticle is a living tissue that protects the nail from injury and infections.

Natural Nails / No Service Procedures

1. Shape them with a nail file that’s not that abrasive.

2. Use a nail oil and rub onto the nails.

3. Use a formaldehyde free clear coat.

4. Use a formaldehyde free nail polish. (Try to avoid darker shades if possible for they stain the nails)

5. Use acetone free polish remover.

Keeping your hands and nails looking and feeling good is work like everything else and that’s why it’s important to take care of them. Not everyone is happy with the appearance of their hands and nails. Although, following a daily regimen can make an improvement.

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