Coping With Loss

Coping with loss is one of the utmost heart wrenching experience in life. It’s a topic no one wants to address and yet unfortunately, life circumstances that arise, forces us to confront it. Experiences of loss brings about deep sadness. A stressful time in life. Some people are so overwhelmed by loss that it causes them crippling behaviors such as suicide, depression, anger and anxiety. That inhibits the growth process. What I mean by this is it makes you feel as though it’s hard making it through the day. It feels like you’re carrying a heavy weight on your heart. And you are!

The grieving process doesn’t have any specific timing. It all depends upon how you deal with it. It also depends on who you lose and the closeness you shared with that person. Just the thought of that loss brings you to tears. Not a day goes by that you don’t think of them. Every second seems like an eternity. I lost my mom in 2022 and I miss her very much. They say it gets easier but in really doesn’t. The more time goes by and you don’t see them, the harder it gets. It becomes a strong missing. My mom and I were close and her loss has been difficult for me. I lost my dad 8 years ago and I miss him too. Parents are a painful loss especially when they were loving and protective. I also experienced a painful death 13 years ago. I lost my nephew in a car accident. It was the most devastating loss for me to endure. My heart was torn to pieces. To look at a young man in a coffin, whom I loved so much, was way too much to bare. My heart went out to my brother and his wife, who lost a son. A pain no parent should ever have to go through. I saw their souls die. My sister in law is no longer with us. My brother has to live with half of his family gone. That’s coping with heavy losses. There are so many people dealing with grief.

What helps me deal with my losses is knowing that one day, when I pass away, I will see them again. For now I feel them in spirit. I have dreams about them and I live on the beautiful memories that we shared. I hang on the hope of seeing them again. I know I will because I believe whoever lives and believes in Christ, never dies. It also helps talking to people that are going through the same. If you haven’t anyone to talk with, find a bereavement group so that you can help one another. Make sure to get help so that you can stay strong and continue on the journey God has paved for you. Know that whomever you lost, would not want you to grieve for a long time. Would you want them to grieve you in a way that cripples them? I know I wouldn’t. I would want them to continue to live their lives until we meet again. So stay strong and continue to live your life the best you can. Shed those bout of tears when the moment comes and pick yourself up, as hard is it may be and live your life the want they would want you to.

I chose to write about coping with loss now because some of us are approaching holiday season where we spend our time with loved ones and miss the ones that are gone, dearly. For my family, friends and everyone else that deals with a loss, may God be with you and help you through your loss. Know that our loved ones are still loving us in spirit as we’re still loving them in life. God bless all of you and believe.

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