Advice on Healthy Skin Care

     Good skin care throughout life, can help prevent a multitude of problems and can keep you looking and feeling healthy and youthful.  Don’t think that it requires intensive skin care for it either.  Genetics also plays a significant role.  Taking care of your skin, should not be looked upon as another mundane part of your daily routine but rather an invested regimen for yourself that can exceed a lifetime.  It should be addressed starting at the age of 14.  Our society is composed of pollutants and chemicals that seep into the pores so start skin care at a young age.

  Skin Care Routine For The Young

     For the youth, routine is a bit effortless.  Washing your face with a chemical free soap followed by an all natural skin cream before bedtime is sufficient.  If your out playing sports or sun tanning, make sure to use an all natural sunscreen lotion.  Yes it exists.  Do your research.

   Adult Skin Care

   Skin care for adults is a bit more intense.  As you age,  overtime the skin has been exposed to sun, smoke, stress, chemical pollutants, alcohol, make up, poor eating habits, unhealthy life styles and neglectful skin care routines that take a toll on the skin.  As the skin ages, it becomes thinner, begins to sag and doesn’t have the plump nor smooth look that it once did.  Gravity also takes over.  For these reasons, incorporating skin care as a daily routine, is important.

Skin Care Routine
-Adults 30+, take a multi vitamin and also hair, nail, skin vitamin daily. -Good health starts from the inside, so eat healthy and avoid foods that cause breakouts -When sun tanning, use all natural sunscreen and don't stay out in the sun for a long period of time. Helpful hint: Apply aloe vera gel after sun tanning and keep refrigerated for better soothing results. -No Smoking- Tobacco causes oxidative stress so that insufficient oxygen is supplied to the skin. Also linked to premature aging. -After showering, pat dry skin and use natural moisturizer. -Moisturize skin twice a day. Morning and evening, especially evening because of all the pollutants the skin is exposed to. -Witch hazel is a good product to use in removing excess dirt. Use a cotton pad, preferably the soft cotton rounds, after washing the face and then moisturize. -Manage stress, it causes skin problems such as acne etc. -For the make up users, make sure to remove it at night, wash your face and moisturize. You want to avoid skin damage. Try to give your face a rest from it and use natural make up. -Most importantly, make sure to see a dermatologist once a year for a full body mole exam.
Skin Care Products
I make it very clear, how adamant I am about using natural products. There's no specific brand names, as long as its natural. I make my own face cream. Make sure to use skin products that are conducive to your skin type so that it may suit your skin care needs.

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