Understanding The Dangers Of Stress

Stress is a physical , chemical or emotional factor that causes a multitude of problems. Stress is a killer. If you produce too much of it, health problems occur. Cortisol is a steroid hormone, naturally released from your adrenal glands with many essential functions for your health and are increased at times of stress. When you’re stressed, much more is released into your bloodstream. Too little also causes problems so having the right balance is essential for your health. Cortisol helps your body to respond to stress and danger, increases your body’s metabolism of glucose (sugar), controls your blood pressure and reduces inflammation. It’s a natural response to perceive threats or danger. Stress is also an absolute halt for weight loss. You can go on any diet you want or exercise as much as you want but if you’re stressed, you won’t lose a pound. If anything, you will gain! Especially after forty, when your metabolism changes. Women are also more likely to be stressed than men. From my own experience, when it comes to weight gain, stress has been a culprit for me. I have endured so much stress especially the past seven years. I lost my parents, job, residency, money and had to undergo bad relationships. I’ve had one battle after another. People can’t believe as to how I survived my compilation of misfortunes. It was through God’s grace that I made it and will continue to do so. Too much stress can also cause a heart attack. I had an incident that caused me so much physical pain around my heart that it kept me in bed for ten days, during the time of covid. When I finally felt better, I drove myself to the hospital and they ran tests and told me that it was all due to stress. At that time I was care taking for my mom 24/7 with no help from anyone. I hope by expressing my struggles, to help people and give them encouragement to forge ahead. With all I’ve been through, I managed to start my own business and that too can be stressful.

There are many factors that causes stress such as losses of people, jobs, money etc., moving, divorce and or separation which causes the mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep disruption, building a sense of frustration or an injustice or just daily stressors like the things we do on a day to day living. It’s very hard to cope with stress but you must try as best as you can because if you don’t, it will definitely affect your body mentally and physically. If you feel any warning signs of stress, make sure to address it immediately. Take care of your body and give yourself a break when you feel stressed out. Do something to relieve the stress. Below are tips that have helped me and hopefully can help you to release stress.

-Try not to become irritable, angry, impatient and wound up. Keep yourself aware of these tendencies.

-Try not to become overburdened or overwhelmed.

-Try not to be too anxious, nervous or afraid.

-Keep your thoughts from racing (turn the switch off).

-Try to do something you enjoy.

-Get help if you’re feeling depressed.

-Try to find some interest for life.

-Don’t lose your sense of humor.

-Eat healthy, stretch, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

-Take deep breaths and mediate/pray.

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