The Power Of A Healthy State Of Mind

When we focus on our health, we immediately think of our body’s health, which of course is extremely important but how much emphasis is put on mental health. We see tons of information when it comes to our physical health as to what diet to choose, foods to eat, exercises to strengthen our bodies, pills that are ingested to improve some type of bodily harm such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive problems and all other ailments associated with our physical health. But how much focus do we invest on our mental health. In my opinion, everything starts in the mind. That’s where it all begins. The state of mind is so powerful. We can talk ourselves into anything. All our thoughts create how we behave and the way we see things and process them. The mind is so powerful that it could be a curse or a gift. When our minds are not healthy and full of negative thoughts, we can create toxicity. Then that leads to creating a world of turmoil not only for us but also for the world around us. That often leads to depression, anxiety, bad behavior and all sorts of negativity. We then become hard on ourselves and others. We start to lack confidence, self-respect, and respect for others. Our minds have a strong impact on everything we do and feel. We can talk ourselves into so much negativity that it makes it impossible to look ahead as though we have become comfortably numb to these negative thoughts. We then create a world of illusions in our minds.

But when our minds are strong, regardless of our circumstances, we become co-creators. We start to see things in a positive light and can forge ahead and bring about constructive behavior. We're able to accomplish a myriad of goals. We become ambitious and helpful to one another. We no longer lack confidence, respect nor respect for others. We all deal with some types of adversities, some more dreadful than others. It's how you handle whatever you may have endured that can change your state of mind. The way we are raised and the circumstances we undergo creates so much of our mental behavior. If you were raised in an abusive household, as I was, then that can change your whole perspective in which the way you view life. And that's usually negative but only if you allow it to be. That's why it's important stay positive and not allow that behavior that affected you to bring you confusion and sorrow. It's up to you to turn that around. Change your mindset so that you can think clearly and not get engulfed in such a heaviness feeling. I know that it's easier said than done. So many people suffer from mental illness and need help. If you suffer from that, please try to get help. Find a good therapist or psychologist. And if you can't afford that, try to talk to a friend or a family member that you can trust to confide in or join organizations that provide help or pray, as I do. Whatever it takes, do it! Become healthy in your mind so that you can be healthy in all aspects, body, mind, and soul. Become a co-creator, not a destroyer. Try to cultivate a healthy mindset regardless of your circumstances and become productive for yourself and others. Try to cultivate a healthy state of mind and make your mind a gift so that you may reach your goals and have your dreams come true and help other people to achieve their dreams. As hard as it may be at times, try to stay in a good state of mind b/c a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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