Love Relationship Advice

The next is respect. What is the definition of respect? “ due regard for the feeling, wishes, rights or traditions of others. Sadly so, respect is something that I don’t see often in intimate relationships. Respect is something that needs to be taught. When you learn respect, you become beneficial and create a beneficial effect. So if you can’t regard the feelings, wishes, rights and traditions of your significant other, then you’ve disregarded respect. Therefore, before you care to partake in an intimate relationship, get a clear understanding of what respect is. Being demanding, bossy, ridiculing, abusive, unkind, expecting without giving and always putting yourself first, is not respect. This is bratty, selfish, narcissistic behavior that needs to be corrected, if you want a relationship to work.
Lastly, what is support? It states “ bear all or part of the weight; hold up, give assistance to. This is self explanatory. The bottom line is to be of assistance to each other in all predicaments.
Remember, when searching for love, it’s important to find a partner that’s going to put in the same effort as you. Reciprocity is the key. Love, respect, support and value one another. Make sure not to interpret love for lust because that’s a total danger zone. Also, never, ever force love. True love comes natural between two people. If someone doesn’t love you, don’t get obsessed nor take it personally, just let it go. There’s someone out there better suited for you. When looking for a relationship, make sure the love you desire, you have for yourself first, the respect you desire, you have for yourself first, and the honor you desire, that you honor yourself first. Therefore then all this, that you have for yourself, can be given to and shared with your partner to establish a happy, healthy relationship.