Advice on Healthy Skin Care

Skin Care Routine
-Adults 30+, take a multi vitamin and also hair, nail, skin vitamin daily.
-Good health starts from the inside, so eat healthy and avoid foods that cause breakouts
-When sun tanning, use all natural sunscreen and don’t stay out in the sun for a long period of time.
Helpful hint: Apply aloe vera gel after sun tanning and keep refrigerated for better soothing results.
-No Smoking- Tobacco causes oxidative stress so that insufficient oxygen is supplied to the skin.
Also linked to premature aging.
-After showering, pat dry skin and use natural moisturizer.
-Moisturize skin twice a day. Morning and evening, especially evening because of all the pollutants
the skin is exposed to.
-Witch hazel is a good product to use in removing excess dirt. Use a cotton pad, preferably the soft
cotton rounds, after washing the face and then moisturize.
-Manage stress, it causes skin problems such as acne etc.
-For the make up users, make sure to remove it at night, wash your face and moisturize. You want to
avoid skin damage. Try to give your face a rest from it and use natural make up.
-Most importantly, make sure to see a dermatologist once a year for a full body mole exam.

Skin Care Products

I make it very clear, how adamant I am about using natural products. There’s no specific brand names, as long as its natural. I make my own face cream. Make sure to use skin products that are conducive to your skin type so that it may suit your skin care needs.