Happy New Year “2024”

The first recorded celebration of New Years took place in ancient Babylon, around 2,000 BC, in Mesopotamia. The Babylonians would have a religious festival named Akitu where they would perform rituals that would last for eleven days. In the early Roman calendar, there were only 10 months, 304 days. At that time New Years was March 1. It was known that Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator developed the solar based Julian calendar. He instituted Jan 1 as the start of the New Year to honor the two faced Roman goddess Janus, known as the god of beginnings. There are also countries that have a different New Years as North Korea, Thailand, Ethiopia, Israel, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the Maya’s. They all have different calendars.

However and whenever you celebrate New Years, signifies another year over and a new one begins. Let’s not forget another year older. We often find ourselves reflecting on years past and making resolutions for the New Year that hopefully, are followed through. Statistics shows that 38% make resolutions, 23% quit by the end of the week, 80% quit by the end January and only 9% stick to them. Whether you find these resolutions bolder dash or not, it is a New Year and a good time when you can make a resolution and stick with it. Even if it’s a small one. Let’s face it, we can’t change overnight. Change takes time. Bad habits are hard to break. It takes a positive mindset, strength and endurance for a powerful change. Changes for the better. Introspection is always a good way to start and you should be spending time doing so. Instead of looking at others fault’s, look at your own and try to correct them. It also depends on your perception. Is your resolution an aesthetic one or internal or both? That’s ones own self to know. You can start by writing down the things you like to change. Some people are very strong willed, determined and stand firm in what they want to accomplish where as others tend to be unwilling to put in the effort. Just remember, that the determined will succeed! If you fall into the effortless category, then you can start with the smallest thing that you would like to change and stick with it until you see an improvement. Don’t put a time on yourself. If you fail to follow through one day, try it again; and keep trying. Never stop no matter how many times it takes to make it right. It’s having that determination and not giving up at any cost. When you see the rewards of your efforts, it will give you the motivation continue to improve further. All it takes is that motivation to start and the will to do it. New Years day is not the only time to start a resolution. You can start anytime. New Years also marks the end of a fun, busy and stressful season and the beginning of a new year full of hope. Until next year when we repeat this all over again.

I’m wishing all of you a very happy and healthy New Year!

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