Bicycling Your Way To Health

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Bike riding is considered one of the healthiest, low-impact form aerobic exercises that are fun for all ages. Cycling is an important component of physical fitness and beneficial for cardiovascular health. I enjoy biking all year round. I bike in all weather conditions. You could be wondering, how is that possible. Well, it is, and that’s because I own two bikes. One is a standard, and the other is stationary. The difference is the standard bike allows me to enjoy the outdoors. However, it limits me from cycling as often as I would like.
On the other hand, the stationary bike I use for indoors, and that enables me to cycle all year round. There’s no excuse for me to miss out on something I enjoy while reaping the healthy benefits of aerobic exercise. That holds for all my bikers out there. You can choose all types of bikes like mountain, road, hybrid, cruiser, folding, etc. So get one you like and enjoy your ride.

Pros For Cycling

1. It’s an aerobic exercise that increases your available energy level. This means your energy increases, and you’re able to do activities you enjoy.
2. Reduces stress.
3. Reduces the risk of heart disease.
4. Can slow the aging process—something we all love to hear.
5. Increases the good cholesterol HDL.
6. Improves mental sharpness.
7. Tones muscles in your waist, thighs, calves, buttocks, and arms.
8. Burns calories.
9. Increases heart rate for cardio health.
10. Intense cycling gives more oxygen to your stomach muscles, which makes them stronger and firmer.

Cons For Cycling

1. If prone to back pain, cycling may induce the pain.
2. Having knee or hand injury.
3. Burning fat starts after 20 minutes.
Overall, we see the benefits when engaging in aerobic exercise. Aerobic aids in preventing certain types of cancer. Studies have found that there’s less of a chance of colon cancer. Research suggests women who do not exercise have more than two and a half times the risk of developing cancer of the reproductive system and almost twice the chance of getting breast cancer. Exercising regularly helps you feel better. At least 30 minutes a day can help you build up cardiovascular and muscle endurance. It takes about six weeks to start noticing the results. Incorporating strength, weight training, and a healthy diet along with biking in your daily routine, allows you to reach your fitness goals. Make sure to follow the safety rules and always incorporate stretching before any form of exercise. So what are you waiting for? Go and bicycle your way to health.

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